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Mom Props is a brand and podcast cultivated by Heather Gomez and Michele Loveday in 2019.  Heather and Michele are both moms and stepmoms.  The catch?  Heather used to be married to and has a son with Michele's husband!  Join us on our website, podcast, and other social media outlets to hear what has, and hasn't worked for us!


We created the Mom Props website and podcast to build a judgement free community of moms and step-moms/dad and step-dads that support one another.  Whether you're listening to the podcast, reading our blog or checking us out on social media, plan to be inspired to be your best self.  One of the goals of Mom Props is to bring attention to Moms/Step-Moms that successfully co-parent. We are a Mom & Step-Mom team that have overcome a lot, are not perfect, but we are ready to share our story and find other Moms/Step-Moms that want to share theirs in hopes to inspire others. Please check out our unique story! 

Michele Loveday

Michele grew up and still lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is a wife and mom to  4 kids and two dogs.  Michele works full time at a non-profit in Seattle, Washington and is a part time student. 


When she is not working, running her kids around and changing diapers she enjoys listening to podcasts, traveling, and belly dancing in a local dance company. 

Heather Gomez

Heather is a successful divorcee, mother of 3, college drop out,  insulator, part-time student, and military wife, who speaks fluent sarcasm. 

 She enjoys the look of shock on peoples faces when she tells them that she's good friends with her ex, AND his wife. Heather also enjoys trying to find moments of serenity via hiking and kayaking . . . or wine.